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Recent improvements to our application for customer reference

August 2020

eFiling in Yolo County for all Civil case types—One Legal enabled electronic court filing in Yolo County on the same day that the court's local rules made eFiling available and mandatory.

Concierge services are discontinuedOne Legal no longer offers eFile-for-you service.

July 2020

Fax filing submission removedThe sole option for adding documents to be filed and served is now to upload from your computer to the One Legal platform. Submission by fax is no longer supported.

June 2020

eFiling in Kings County for all Civil case types—One Legal enabled electronic court filing in Kings County.

September 2019

Physical filing of documents exempt from eFilingNew feature allows users to file documents that are exempt from eFiling in courts across California.

August 2019

New dashboard replaces home pageOne Legal has created a control center of valuable insights and shortcuts to frequent tasks.

File exempt documents in California eFiling courtsUsers can now file documents physically in electronic courts when certain document types are ineligible for eFiling.

June 2019

Return Date selector for IllinoisNew feature for the Illinois eFiling workflow, allowing users to request a later return date than what the court initially provided them. 

New status added for failed/rejected orders—Revision of the "In Progress" and "Partially processed..." status, adding a new "Filing Submission Failed" status at the EFM level.

Integrations for three new eFiling courts—Sonoma and San Mateo Counties in California, and DuPage County in Illinois.

May 2019

Updates to order status email notifications for service of process—Newly designed and structured status notifications relating to service of process orders to clarify current standing for customers. 

April 2019

Electronic filephysical serveelectronic file—A new feature which enables users to request automatic filing of the proof of service when ordering an eFiling and a physical service of process at one time.

March 2019

Increased access to invoices—Customers can now view 36 months of past invoices in the Billing Center.

February 2019

Account creation without a credit card—New users can now register with One Legal without first entering a credit card.

January 2019

eFiling in Orange County for Small Claims cases—One Legal successfully passed certification to offer eFiling into the Orange County Small Claims court.

Extended Double Check offering—Customers now see the option to add Double Check to an eFiling order 24/7, rather than only during business hours.

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