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How to add a quality assurance check to your eFiling order.

Double Check is an optional add-on service for electronically submitted court filings. It's all about peace of mind and the reassurance that your documents have been double-checked to ensure they are formatted correctly and do not contain any of the most common reasons for filing rejection.

It costs just $40.00 to add Double Check to an electronic court filing. The price is in addition to the regular One Legal service fees and court fees if any apply.    

Your filing will be dealt with urgently by a member of our staff. However, because court filings vary in their size and complexity, we cannot specify exactly how long each filing may be held under review. We will do all that we can to review your filing speedily.

You will be able to check the status of your filing in the order status tab. If your filing is still in the process of being reviewed it will appear with the “Review” status. You will receive a standard One Legal submission email when Double Check is complete and your filing is submitted to the court.

What will you check in my filing when I add Double Check?

When you add Double Check to your transaction, an experienced document specialist will review your document before submitting it. Specifically, they’ll check for:


We’ll check that:

  • The font style and size are appropriate;
  • Exhibits are electronically bookmarked;
  • The text has been made text searchable to the extent technologically feasible;
  • All pages have been correctly paginated;
  • All pages have been correctly laid out.

Essential details

We will review to ensure that:

  • There are signatures if/where required;
  • Court locations and addresses are detailed correctly.


We will check that:

  • The summons matches the complaint;
  • "Run-on" documents (which the court requests be separate files) are correctly separated;
  • Commonly associated court documents are present (if we suspect something may be missing, we'll contact you to check).

* Please note that the scope of our review is limited to the items listed above. We will not undertake a substantive review of your filing’s contents. Nor will we determine what court filing fees need to be paid. It is the sole responsibility of the filer to determine what fees are due and to request those accordingly. If we see anything in your filing which, based on our filing experience, is a cause for concern we will contact you.

How do I add Double Check to my eFiling?

Adding Double Check is simple. When you arrive at the Review portion of your eFiling transaction (it is the final screen in the workflow), scroll to the bottom. Click Add to Order to include Double Check, then click Submit! Our concierge team will then review your transaction prior to submitting it to the court for eFiling.

Is Double Check a guarantee that my filing will be accepted?

No. Double Check is limited to a review of your filing against certain formatting and assembly criteria. While we’ll make reasonable efforts to ensure that your filing complies with court rules, we cannot guarantee that it will not be rejected. However, if your filing is rejected, so far as is possible, we will assist you in identifying the reason for the rejection and to address it.

What happens if you find an error in my filing?

We will attempt to reach you by telephone as soon as we find something in your filing that requires amendment or gives us cause for concern. It is therefore very important that, when you add Double Check to your eFiling order, you stay by the telephone.

Please be aware that, while we will make every effort to contact you, if we are unable to reach you, we will submit your documents to court 15 minutes before the court’s deadline exactly as we received it from you.

What happens if I add Double Check and my filing is rejected by the Court?

If, after we have reviewed and submitted your filing, it is rejected by the court, we will work with you to identify the issue and address the matter. We will attempt to contact you by telephone to discuss the reasons for the rejection and make every effort to re-submit the filing before the court’s deadline.

Do you perform a Double Check in physical filing courts?

Yes, all documents submitted to One Legal for physical filing are reviewed by a document specialist at the same time as they are printed and assembled.

The service is very similar to Double Check, but is contained within the $60.00 base price of our physical court filing service. If we spot an error or mistake in your filing as we assemble it, we will attempt to contact you to resolve the issue before we submit your documents to the court.                    

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