Why did my Orange County transaction get split into multiple orders?

Understanding the Court's policy for certain document types

Orange County Superior Court now requires One Legal to split certain transactions into multiple orders to support the court in processing these documents individually. 

Filers can continue to submit documents, as usual. No change is needed on your part. 

After submitting your order, you may see your single order split with documents divided into separate orders. You will only be charged for one order and may see each accepted at different times, according to the Court's processing timeline. 

Example: If you file a Case Management, Notice of Change of Address, and a Proof of Service, only the Proof of Service will be split.

  • Order #1 will contain the Case Management Statement and Notice of Change of Address. 
  • Order #2 will contain just the Proof of Service.  

Some examples of orders that are subject to this separation include, but are not limited to:

  • Jury Instructions
  • Proof of Personal Service
  • Proof of Service
  • Separate Statement
  • Acknowledgment and Receipt
  • Agreement to Serve
  • Declaration - Other
  • Declaration in Opposition
  • Declaration in Support of Attorney Fees
  • Exhibit List
  • Income And Expense Declaration
  • Inventory and Appraisal Attachment
  • Joint Case Management Statement
  • Notice - Other
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Opposition
  • Reply - Other
  • Response
  • Stipulation - Other

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