What are the court-mandated technology fees?

For those courts using eFileCA or JTI as a case management system, the court has mandated technology fees be paid to the eFileCA or JTI platform. These fees vary depending on whether the court has mandated eFiling and case type, but are $3.50-$5.00. In addition, the courts will charge a 3.3% convenience fee to cover the costs of processing credit card payments.

Why are there court-mandated technology fees?

This is the cost structure that courts using eFileCA have selected. Some consider the fees to be a way of subsidizing the eFiling technology which these courts have procured. 

One Legal does not share in nor profit from the court-mandated technology fees. We do, however, pay these fees up-front on behalf of our customers to provide a simplified billing and accounting experience. Afterward, the balance of fees One Legal has paid to the court will appear on your One Legal invoice.

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