What are Orange County’s requirements for documents filed in relation to existing documents?

Including "Related to ROA #" in your document title

Orange County Superior Court Local Rule 314A puts forth specific requirements around eFiled documents that are filed in relation to documents already filed and listed on the Register of Actions.

According to the announcement released by the court, “Local Rule 314A requires electronic documents filed with or in response to another filed document to include on the first page the Register of Actions (“ROA”) number of the related document.

“For law and motion documents, filers should add “(Related to ROA # __)” where the field after “ROA #” is the Register of Action number for the related Notice of Motion.” 

On the document

The text “(Related to ROA # __)” should be placed under the document title and above the hearing date, hearing time, and department.   

For example, a document responding to a motion for summary judgment would need to reference the ROA number for that summary judgment like so:

When electronically filing the document

In addition to the added text on the document itself, the Court also now requires filers to add (Related to ROA #__) in the document title field in the eFiling process. For the document example shown above, the following would be used as the full document title:

Plaintiff’s Reply to Defendant’s Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment (Related to ROA #83). 

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