Navigating the main menu

How to use the main menu to navigate around One Legal.

One Legal has introduced a new main menu that is now present on screens throughout the application. 


If you need to return to the main dashboard from any other screen, click the Dashboard link at the top of the menu. To start a new order, click the Dashboard link and select your order type from the Place an order widget in the far left corner.


View all outstanding orders and check for recent order status updates by clicking on the Orders link in the top menu.


Access all cases that you or others on your account have filed into by clicking on the Cases link in the top menu.


Under the Help menu dropdown, you'll find direct links to our Support Center, the Pricing & Deadlines page, and our Contact us information. 


The Account dropdown works much the same as the former My Account button, but we've moved up some of the options. 

Here you'll see your customer number under your account name, as well as links to your My Account page and the Billing Center. Ready to move on to your next project? You can Log out at the bottom of this drop down.  

Other changes to note:

  • Drafts is no longer part of the main menu. You can see your saved drafts by clicking on the link below the place order widget, which will appear only when you have saved drafts to view.
  • Templates has been retired.

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