How do I request a refund from the court?

Requesting refunds for court fees

If the court assesses any fee in error, as part of our service, One Legal will submit a request for a refund to the court on your behalf.

You will be refunded as soon as we receive the funds back from the court.

Required forms

To begin the refund process, please download and fill out the Standard court refund request form.

Standard court refund request form

If you are requesting a refund from either Los Angeles Superior Court or Orange County Superior Court, you will also need to fill out the below form related to that court:

Los Angeles County refund request form

Orange County refund request

Requests due to previous payment of court fees

If you are requesting a refund because you had already paid court fees, please include a copy of your prior payment receipts with your refund request.

Requests due to fee waiver

If you are requesting a refund because you have a fee waiver on file with the court, please include a copy of the fee waiver with your refund request.

Submitting refund requests

Email the following to

  • Standard court refund request form (required)
  • Court-specific refund request form (LA and OC only)
  • Payment receipts from the court (if applicable)
  • Fee waiver (if applicable)

To expedite the process, please put the court name and order number in the email subject line.

One Legal will submit the request for refund to the court upon receipt. Once the court has notified us of acceptance or rejection, we will update you on the status.

This process can take weeks or months depending on the court, so we appreciate your patience as we seek a refund from the court on your behalf.

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More information about additional court policies:

Los Angeles County Superior Court

LA requires the LASC refund request form in addition to One Legal's standard court refund request form. Please fill out both when submitting your request.

Visit the Court’s website if you have questions regarding the Court’s fee schedule or its refund policy.

Orange County Superior Court

Fill out the request for a refund letter addressed to the Orange County Superior Court on your company's letterhead. (See above for letter template.) Letter should include the Case Number, Court Transaction ID, Case Name, One Legal order Number, the amount and the reason for requesting refund. 

Send the letter to One Legal along with a completed standard request for refund form.

Please note: OCSC is particularly impacted by requests for refunds, so extended delays are anticipated.

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