What are my billing options?

Our customers have two ways of setting up their account for billing:

1.  Credit Card

If a customer sets up their One Legal account with a credit card, a convenience fee will apply.

  • What is a convenience fee? Statutory court fees and witness fees disbursed on our customer’s behalf on amounts of $20 or more are assessed a 3.3% convenience fee for processing and collecting these disbursements. The convenience fee is waived if our customer elects the ACH payment service.

2.    ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payment

ACH processing is a completely secure and reliable payment method as well as a more convenient way to pay your bill. Our Accounting Department will initiate an electronic funds transfer for any balance due on your account once a week. You will be provided with a convenient summary of the amount transferred, including specific invoice numbers, your internal billing codes and the short title of the case if applicable.

We think you will find this process faster and more efficient. You will have weekly financial updates of your order history, so you will not need to backtrack to reconcile a charge on your credit card from an order placed 30 days previously. 

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