Where can I find pricing information / how much will my order cost?

All of our prices are published on the Pricing & Deadlines page on our website.  

The price of physical orders (where we must either your filing or service documents in person) varies by location. In rural and remote areas, we charge an additional surcharge to cover the increased costs of fulfillment in these areas. 

To calculate the price of your order, follow these steps:

  • From the homepage, click on Pricing & Deadlines in the menu bar.

  • You will see two options: Price List and Service Directory.

  • Click on Price List to view standard pricing (before location-specific area surcharges are applied).

  • Click on Service Directory to view information about a specific court location.

  • To find a specific court in the Service Directory, click on the state that your court is in. This will open an alphabetically organized list of all of the courts in that state. Simply scroll until you find your courthouse.

The service level, deadline by which a filing must be received in order to meet that service level, and the area surcharge (if any) are all indicated in the three columns on the right.

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