Disabled accounts / usernames

What to do if your account or username has been disabled

What happens when your account or username is disabled

Disabled accounts and/or usernames are unable to log in or use the One Legal service.

How to ask us to restore your account

If you are the account or username owner, you can request access to it again. Please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance. 

Please note that requests may not be honored if your account or username have been disabled because of a Terms of Service breach.

How to obtain data from a disabled account

In some instances we can restore your access to your account. To request this, please contact us.

Where your account has been disabled because of a failure to comply with our Terms of Service, we may not be able to restore your access. In these circumstances, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance obtaining your data.

Why accounts are disabled

One Legal accounts are disabled because of inactivity (i.e., when no user has logged into the account for more than 12 months) or because the account's owners have not followed our Terms of Service.

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