What is the character limit on the title of my PDF file?

Staying within document title character limitations for each court

There are two places where you might find yourself up against a character limit when it comes to naming your documents. Here are the standards to keep in mind for each. 

Document file name length

This is the title you give your document when drafting it on your computer and before uploading it to One Legal. 

The system running on your computer will determine the maximum length for this title, typically up to 255 characters.

Document title length

This is the field in the One Legal workflow that you will see as you upload your documents to be filed.

Some back-end systems used by the courts place limitations on the number of characters used in the title of a PDF file. When uploading your documents, check to make sure that the names of your files do not exceed this character limit. 

Court Character limit
All physical filing courts 250
     Courts using the eFileCA (See list>>) 255
     Orange County (Civil and Probate) 248
     San Diego County (Civil and Probate) 248
     San Francisco County 511
Illinois 255
Indiana  255
Texas 255

If your document title exceeds the limits for your court, please rename with a shorter document title.

Read more about best practices on file naming practices for eFiling and beyond.

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