Can I eFile lead documents together in LASC?

eFiling lead documents for Civil case types in Los Angeles Superior Court

When you file a document, or group of documents, in one single submission through your EFSP, the Court considers this a “transaction." 

Los Angeles Civil Court has established a requirement for filers that only one lead document may be submitted per transaction. For example, you will not be able to submit two motions or submit a cross-complaint and an answer in one transaction.

Instead, file the first lead document along with any supporting documents and complete that transaction. Then begin a new filing for the next lead document and include supporting documents accordingly.

Examples of “lead documents” include:

  • Cross-complaint
  • Answer
  • Motion
  • Demurrer
  • Ex Parte Application

Per CA Code of Civil Procedure Section 428.50(a), you must file any cross-complaint against any of the parties who filed a complaint against you before, or at the same time as, filing an answer to the opposing party’s complaint. Filing cross-complaints with an answer will create an error in the system and your documents may be rejected.

Instead, you’ll place two separate transactions, first one for the cross-complaint and then one for the answer.

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