How Many Attempts Will Be Made to Serve My Documents?

Balancing Diligence and Strategy: Navigating Document Service Attempts with One Legal.

Understanding the Number of Attempts

When it comes to serving documents, One Legal prioritizes diligence, strategy, and compliance with court rules over a fixed number of attempts. 

Diligence Over Quantity 

  • Adherence to Court Rules: The number of attempts made to serve documents aligns with the rules established by the respective court. 
  • Range of Attempts: Typically, the number of attempts falls between 4 and 6. However, the emphasis is on the quality, strategy, and lawfulness of each attempt rather than just the count. 
  • Strategic Approaches: Depending on the service level that you have selected for your contractors strategically schedule attempts on different days of the week and at various times of the day, maximizing the likelihood of a successful serve. 


Understanding Service Levels: Rush vs. Standard

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Special Instructions and Additional Attempts Handling Special Requests

  • We take customer instructions seriously: While we make every effort to adhere to special requests, it's essential they remain lawful. Some particularly complex instructions might result in additional charges. 
  • Requesting More Attempts: If you desire more attempts beyond the typical range, they can be accommodated. However, additional charges will apply.

In summary, One Legal's approach to serving documents emphasizes diligence, strategy, and compliance, ensuring that your legal documents are served effectively and in line with court expectations.

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