What is the Client Billing Code field?

Using the Client Billing Code to trace costs and track orders.

The Client Billing Code is a field on the filing workflow that allows users to associate each transaction with a certain client. You can enter whatever terms or descriptors your firm uses internally to differentiate client cases. 

When you use this feature in the ordering process, you can more easily track orders associated with specific clients, including when viewing invoices and checking on order status. 


Filter invoices by client codes in the Billing Center to view all transactions associated with a specific client. You will also find these codes on each individual invoice.


You can also search for a client code on the Orders screen to view all orders associated with that client.

Requiring client billing codes

If your firm relies on these codes to track client costs, administrators on your One Legal account can make this a required field whenever a member of your firm places an order. 

Click on Account in the main menu and select My Account in the drop-down menu. Then visit the Manage Firm tab and select the appropriate checkbox. 

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