How can I pay fees for appeals filings?

Understanding the process for appeals filing and fees

Paying fees for appeals in eFiling courts 

For California eFiling courts, the $100 fee is disbursed on your behalf when the Notice of Appeal is eFiled. Then One Legal can deliver the accepted Notice with the $775 to the appellate court.  

Step 1: eFile the Notice of Appeal and confirm the $100 fee on the review screen 

Step 2: Once the Notice has been accepted, submit the file-endorsed copy using the “Documents exempt from eFiling” option. 

Step 3: One Legal will deliver a check for $775 to the appellate court with the accepted Notice of Appeals. 

Paying fees for appeals in physical filing courts 

For appeals from courts that still require paper filing, both the $100 Notice of Appeal fee and the $775 check are brought to the court when the Notice of Appeal is submitted.  

If the court does not accept the filing, they return the fees.  

If the filing is accepted, the court will forward the $775 on to the appellate court.  

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