What is the "Urgent Service" option?

When you are placing a new filing transaction, you have the option to select Urgent Service for an additional fee. This option escalates your transaction and ensures the documents are handled in the filing branch immediately. This option is our highest level of service which provides you with our immediate attention, priority document assembly and prompt confirmation once the documents are filed. A phone call from the filing branch is placed to confirm the documents have been received and are possible to accommodate. 

Once the documents are prepared for court they are immediately taken for filing. Once filed, you receive an additional call from the filing branch confirming the documents have been filed with filed-endorsed copies provided as soon as they become available. Every effort is made to accommodate urgent service requests, however each request is dependent on resource availability and must be confirmed by phone; so, please stay by your phone after placing such a request, and if you might step away, include your mobile number in the order notes. 

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