What is "Urgent Service" and how do I add it to my court filing order?

Urgent service escalates your filing to the top of the queue and ensures our immediate attention.  

You should add urgent service to your physical court filing or courtesy copy delivery order when you require your documents delivered as soon as possible.  

Urgent service is subject to the time you make the request and the court location. Our staff will always attempt to contact you to discuss the specifics of your request when you choose urgent service.

How do I add urgent services to my order?

There are two opportunities in the order workflow to add urgent service. 

First, on Order Info screen you can select Urgent Filing from the Service Level dropdown menu within the Options box at the foot of the screen.

Second, on the Documents screen, you may click on the Urgent Service tab in the Commonly bought additional services box at the foot of the screen.

How much does urgent service cost? 

There is a $75 additional service charge when you select urgent service. If you have successfully added Urgent Service you will see the charge in the estimated charges section of the Review tab.

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