How do I pay court filing and jury fees?

The court clerk should assess the fees from One Legal's account on your behalf. We disburse these fees. For any transaction you place with us, your account will be invoiced, typically within a day or so of the time the transaction is completed and closed.
You can request that One Legal disburse jury fees by placing a court filing transaction. Just follow these steps, and you will create your own document.

  • In the Special Instructions field on the Order Information screen, indicate the type of fee to be paid (for example, Jury Fees) and list the dollar amount you need advanced to the court.

  • Create a Notice of Payment of Jury Fees document on pleading paper, which will be uploaded to your transaction.
  • When uploading the document, the Document Type will be Jury Fees Posted.

The remaining transaction entry steps are the same as usual.

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