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Where can I find information about court rules and eFiling regulations?

In each state, and sometimes at the level of each court, there are specific rules to follow when submitting an electronic court filing.

We have summarized the most important rules to be aware of in our electronic court filing checklists:

However, if you are unsure of a rule it is important that you consult the court’s rules directly. Below, you will find details of how to access specific electronic court filing rules in your area.


2017 California Rules of Court, Chapter 2: Filing and Service by Electronic Means

Rules 2.250 through 2.261.

Index of local rules in each of California’s 58 Superior Courts


Electronic document standards for eFiling in Illinois

Local rules in Cook County (Chicago) 

Some courts have their own local rules. Please consult the website of your local circuit court.


Indiana Rules of Court, Rule 86. Electronic filing and electronic service 

E-Filing user guide for the Indiana statewide E-Filing system

Index of local Indiana court rules


Electronic court filing information from the Texas Judicial Branch

Statewide eFiling rules for civil cases

Texas local court rules by county

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