One Legal Person/Business Locator: Comprehensive Guide

Details and FAQs for One Legal's Person/Business Locator tool

Learn One Legal's Person/Business Locator is a tool designed to streamline the due diligence process for legal professionals. Use the tool to quickly find the best address to serve an individual, or accurate agent for service information for a business.


The Person/Business Locator is engineered to assist attorneys and those working under their supervision in locating defendants and targets for service of process in the context of local, state, or federal lawsuits. Please note that the tool is strictly for this purpose and is not intended for any other use.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Person Search work / where does Person Search data come from?

Our person search product aggregates data from numerous sources, focusing on public records alongside other reliable data. Key public records we utilize include:

Court Records: Covering civil and criminal cases from various jurisdictions.

Property and Land Records: From local government sources, detailing ownership and transactions.

Government Databases: Including voter registrations and DMV records, accessed in compliance with legal guidelines.

Professional and Business Records: Information on licenses, certifications, and business filings.

In addition to these detailed public records, our service also incorporates data from the USPS, utilities and telecoms companies, online directories, social media, credit bureaus (in compliance with applicable laws), and select commercial data brokers. This approach ensures a robust and legally compliant aggregation of diverse data sources for accurate and comprehensive search results.

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How does the Business Search work?

The Business Locator tool will search every Secretary of State in the U.S. to find filings relating to your search terms. The search results will list all active and inactive filings, including in their primary registration and foreign registrations in other states. The results will show the name of the business, it's status, mailing address, agent for service, and details of the company's officers. 

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How much does it cost?

Pricing: The service is priced at $25 per search that returns results. There is no charge if no results are returned. However, please note that the fee applies even if the results are not relevant to your case. We strongly recommend inputting as many known details as possible for the most accurate results.


Why do I have to request access?

Data Sensitivity: The information provided often includes sensitive Personal Identifying Information (PII), which is subject to various laws and regulations. Access is restricted to ensure that the data is used solely for lawful purposes related to legal proceedings.


How long will it take to get access once requested?

Review Process: Our team will review your request within 24 hours (on business days). For immediate access during business hours, please contact our customer support team.


What kind of information is required to perform a search?

Input Parameters: While a search can be initiated with just a first and last name, for more accurate results, it's advisable to include additional details such as state and age range.


Is the service available 24/7?

Availability: Yes, the Business/Person Locator is accessible 24/7. However, customer support and request reviews are conducted during business hours.


 Can I perform multiple searches at once?

Bulk Searches: At this time, the service is designed for individual searches. Bulk search functionality is under consideration for future updates.


What happens if the information returned is incorrect?

Accuracy: While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee that all information will be 100% correct due to the nature of public records and data aggregation.


Are there any legal restrictions on how I can use the information?

Legal Compliance: The information should only be used for lawful purposes related to legal proceedings. Misuse of the data may result in termination of access and could have legal ramifications.


How do I report an issue or provide feedback?

Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please contact our customer support team for assistance.


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