How do I eFile a document under seal?

Each court has their own individual policy regarding eFiling documents under seal. If you have a specific question about a court policy, please contact the appropriate court directly. You can find the list of court phone numbers here. We have outlined the different procedures below:

Orange County
If your document is filed under seal or is confidential pursuant to a statute, no special action is needed. However, if your document is to be sealed pursuant to a court order, please note this in the "Message to eFile Clerk" and place "Filed under seal pursuant to court order dated MM/DD/YY" under the title of each document on the first page.

San Diego
You cannot eFile a document under seal in San Diego Superior Court.

eFileCA, eFileIN, & eFileIL Courts
When uploading your documents for eFiling, you will select the Confidential option on the drop down menu.
You can also indicate that the document should be filed under seal in the Message to the Clerk box.

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