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What is the file size limit when submitting an eFiling?

The file size for eFiling transactions vary depending upon court policies and procedures. The file size limitations for specific eFiling courts are outlined below.

We encourage you to always optimize your PDF and reduce your file size when necessary in order to remain within your court's file size parameters. Click here to read our blog post about how to reduce your file size.

CourtDocument LimitTransaction Limit
Fresno Superior Court100 MB100 MB
Los Angeles Superior Court

          Los Angeles Civil
120 MBunlimited
          Los Angeles Probate 25 MB35 MB
Orange County Superior Court

          Orange County Civil
35 MB60 MB
          Orange County Family    
25 MB35 MB
San Diego Superior Court 35 MB60 MB
San Francisco Superior Court125 MB125 MB
San Mateo Superior Court100 MB100 MB
All other California eFiling Courts *25 MB35 MB
All Illinois Courts25 MB50 MB
All Indiana Courts25 MB35 MB
All Texas Courts35 MB35 MB

*Click here to see a list of efiling and physical filing courts in California.

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