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What is eCheck?

Two global payment options are available in six eFileCA courts: credit card and eCheck, which is a form of payment in which funds are withdrawn from the payer's bank account and deposited into the payee's bank account. eFileCA permits eCheck in six of its eFiling courts - when enabled, One Legal automatically selects the most cost-effective payment method to disburse court filing fees on behalf of our customers. This selection occurs automatically, which means our customers do not have to do anything. 

We will use the eCheck payment method to pay your court filing fees when the eFileCA convenience fee is more than $1, and when the eFileCA convenience fee is more than $1, we will use the credit card payment method to disburse your filing fees. When eCheck is used, we will show a breakdown of the estimated savings to you. 

When a transaction is completed without the eCheck implementation, you will see the charges listed on the Review screen below:

When eCheck is implemented, you will see the court fees, the Check flat rate fee, and your estimated cost savings:

You can then select your payment method or add a new credit card if you would like.

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