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How do I create or edit my eService recipient list?

Follow these steps to create or edit your eService recipient list:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on the Cases tab in the grey bar to bring up your Case Portfolio.

  • Look to see if your case is in your Case Portfolio.

  • If the case is there, click on the icon for a Serve order.

  • If the case is not there, select Add an Existing Case to your Portfolio.

  • Choose the subject matter jurisdiction (State or Federal).

  • Choose the state.
  • Choose the court

  • Choose the court location.

  • In the Case Search field, enter your case number (or case title) and click Continue.

  • Once the search results appear, click the Select link next to the appropriate case to add the case to your Portfolio.

If you would like to create or edit the eService List for a case that already exists within your portfolio, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Edit icon on the right (it looks like a pencil).

  • On the Manage eService Recipients page, click Add New Record to add an eService recipient. Click the Edit button to edit an existing recipient or click theDelete button to get rid of an existing recipient.

  • Click Update.

  • If the attorney is a registered One Legal user on your account and has been added to the eService recipients, you will see a Manage eCopy Recipients section. Anyone added to the eCopy recipients list should receive notification when documents are eServed through our application.

Once you have finished and clicked Update, you should be returned to your Cases. Click on the Serve icon to begin placing a Process Serving transaction.


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