How can I file my Notice of Motion if I don't have a hearing date?

Since Cook County requires you to file something first before receiving a hearing date, many filers have been confused about how to properly fill out the hearing date field in their Notice of Motion forms.

Cook County associate clerk David Moses of the County Division recommends leaving the hearing date blank on your Notice of Motion the first time you file. As soon as you get the court-returned/stamped document back with the hearing date, you can download the Notice of Motion again and fill in the date field, then submit that stamped Notice of Motion as part of your next filing.

'Piggybacking' a motion

Once a you obtain your first hearing date for a case, some judges allow you to "piggyback"--or add more motions to your motion call in a subsequent filing. This reduces the number of court appearances you have to make.

Not all judges allow the practice of “piggybacking” a motion, and some that do allow it restrict the types of motions that can be piggybacked. Be sure to consult your judge’s standing order and verify that this technique is allowed before you attempt it.

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