How do I cancel an eFiling transaction?

Canceling eFilings in courts that permit it

Depending upon the type of transaction you place, there are different ways to cancel your order once placed.

eFileCA, eFileIL, eFileIN, and eFileTX

As long as your document is still in the review stage and not already accepted by the court, you can cancel your transaction by doing the following:

Visit the Orders tab at the top of your screen. Click on the order number to view the order details. Then click Cancel Order.

Orange County and San Francisco County

Once you have placed an eFiling transaction for either San Francisco or Orange County, you cannot cancel your order through One Legal. You will need to call the court and if they have not yet processed the filing, they can cancel your transaction. 

Los Angeles County and San Diego County

These courts do not permit the cancellation of transactions after submission.


If you would like to cancel any other type of One Legal transaction, please contact Customer Support at 800-938-8815. We will do our best to stop the paper filing or process service from being completed.

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