What are the eFiling deadlines in California?

These are the current eFiling deadlines for California courts that One Legal offers electronic service to. These deadlines are only applicable to electronic filings; court filings physically delivered to a courthouse have a separate schedule of deadlines.

CountyCourt DeadlineOne Legal Deadline
Butte 11:59 PM11:45 PM
Calaveras 11:59 PM11:59 PM
11:59 PM11:45 PM
Kern11:59 PM11:45 PM
Merced11:59 PM11:45 PM
Monterey11:59 PM
11:45 PM
Napa11:59 PM11:45 PM
Los Angeles
11:59 PM
11:45 PM
Orange11:59 PM11:45 PM
San Diego11:59 PM11:45 PM
San Francisco11:59 PM11:45 PM
San Luis Obispo11:59 PM11:45 PM
Santa Barbara11:59 PM11:45 PM
Santa Clara11:59 PM11:45 PM
Santa Cruz11:59 PM11:45 PM
San Mateo (eFiling effective TBD)11:59 PM11:45 PM
Stanislaus11:59 PM11:45 PM
Sutter11:59 PM11:45 PM
Yuba11:59 PM11:45 PM

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