What documents are ineligible for eFiling in San Mateo County?

The following documents are not eligible for eFiling in cases subject to either mandatory or permissive filing, and shall be filed in paper form: 

• Safe at Home Name Change Petitions 

• Civil Harassment TRO / RO 

• Workplace Violence TRO / RO 

• Elder Abuse TRO / RO 

• Stand alone exhibits 

• Transitional Housing Program Misconduct TRO / RO 

• School Violence Prevention TRO / RO 

• Out-of-State Commission Subpoena 

• Undertaking / Surety Bonds 

• Request for Payment of Trust Funds 

• Notice of Appeal of Labor Commissioner Page 7 of 7 Revised January 2018 

• Abstracts 

• Warrants 

• Settlement Conference Briefs (to be lodged) 

• Confidential documents lodged conditionally under seal 

• Interpleader actions pursuant to CC §2924j

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