What will you check in my filing when I add Double Check?

When you add Double Check to your transaction, an experienced document specialist will review your document before submitting it. Specifically, they’ll check for:


We’ll check that:

  • The font style and size are appropriate;
  • Exhibits are electronically bookmarked;
  • The text has been made text searchable to the extent technologically feasible;
  • All pages have been correctly paginated;
  • All pages have been correctly laid out.

Essential details

We will review to ensure that:

  • There are signatures if/where required;
  • Court locations and addresses are detailed correctly.


We will check that:

  • The summons matches the complaint;
  • "Run-on" documents (which the court requests be separate files) are correctly separated;
  • Commonly associated court documents are present (if we suspect something may be missing, we'll contact you to check).

* Please note that the scope of our review is limited to the items listed above. We will not undertake a substantive review of your filing’s contents. Nor will we determine what court filing fees need to be paid. It is the sole responsibility of the filer to determine what fees are due and to request those accordingly. If we see anything in your filing which, based on our filing experience, is a cause for concern we will contact you.

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