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Let us take care of court filing, service of process, and other administrative tasks for you.

Concierge is the fastest, most convenient and lowest-risk way to file your documents. Simply complete this form with just a few pieces of critical information and attach your documents. Our team of experienced document specialists will then review, assemble, and deliver the filing on your behalf.

Our Concierge service costs just $40.00 per transaction. This fee is charged as an additional service fee and is not inclusive of One Legal filing charges and court-imposed fees as detailed in our price list.

*Please be aware that the Concierge team’s business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday. All filings received after 4:00 p.m. PT will be filed the next business day.*  

What information do I need to include with my documents?

Please include the following in the comments section of your request:

  • The email you use to log into One Legal
  • A direct number where we can reach you
  • Specific court location or address you’re filing into
  • Requested day to file
  • Fees associated with the filing (i.e. first appearance fees)
  • Any special instructions to the clerk

What does the Concierge service include?

When you place an order to have our Concierge team file on your behalf, you can rest assured that your documents will be dealt with by an experienced member of our team. Upon receiving your order, the Document Specialist will:

  • Review — We’ll check that all of the required documents are present, that no pages are missing, and that all documents are signed and dated (we’ll contact you if anything is missing). We’ll also ensure that it meets the local court’s required formatting rules. 
  • Assemble — For eFilings, we’ll convert your documents to PDF, add bookmarks to any exhibits, and apply optical character recognition (OCR) so that it is text searchable; we’ll also check that the document is correctly paginated and under the maximum file size accepted by the court. For physical filings, we’ll print, collate, and assemble your documents. 
  • File — We’ll submit the filing to the court on your behalf. If we receive your documents at least one hour before One Legal’s deadline as stated in our service directory we’ll do this within our usual service standards (same day in most courts, and next day in a few rural and remote areas).

Once your document is submitted you’ll receive notification, and subsequent order status updates, via email.

* Please note that you must have a registered One Legal account. 

In what courts can I use Concierge?

Our Concierge service is available in every court in the One Legal service directory. This includes all 58 counties in California, and every eFile enabled court in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

In courts that are electronic filing enabled we will submit your filing electronically. In courts that require documents to be physically filed, we will arrange for your filing to be hand-delivered to the court.

Can I order additional services, such as courtesy copy delivery?

One Legal can deliver a courtesy copy of your documents in addition to placing your filing. This service starts at $30.00, with additional fees for printing and delivery to some areas.

How large a file can I attach to my email?

We are able to receive attachments up to 25 MB. 

However, please be aware that large attachments often take several minutes to be sent and received. To ensure that we are able to process your filing we must receive your documents one hour before the court’s stated deadline. Please, therefore, allow additional time if your filing is large.

There's more information about emailing large attachments on our blog: Everything you need to know about sending large files by email.

Will you add bookmarks and apply optical character recognition as per court rules?  

Yes. Our document specialists will review your filing and assemble it in accordance with the court’s rules. They will convert your document to PDF, ensure that it is correctly paginated, bookmark exhibits, and apply optical character recognition (OCR) to make it text searchable. 

They will also ensure that your document meets maximum file size restrictions imposed by the court and either re-save your document as a reduced size PDF or contact you to address the situation.

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