What does the Concierge service include?

How the Concierge team processes and checks your documents

When you place an order to have our Concierge team file on your behalf, you can rest assured that your documents will be dealt with by an experienced member of our team. 

Upon receiving your order, the Concierge Associate will:


We will review and contact you if anything is missing or more information is needed. This includes checking that:

  • all of the required documents are present
  • no pages are missing, 
  • all documents are signed and dated 
  • the case number is correct
  • all documents meet the local court’s required formatting rules. 
  • any redacted text has been properly redacted
  • all pages are correctly oriented


For eFilings, we will check for common rejection reasons and add other preparations including:

  • Converting from any document type to PDF
  • Adding bookmarks to any exhibits
  • Applying optical character recognition (OCR) for text searchability
  • Checking for correct pagination
  • Verifying that the document size is within the range accepted by the court 
  • Reducing the file size if needed
  • Enhancing the quality of the document if needed, as applicable

For physical filings, our team will print, collate, and assemble your documents. 

If any questions or issues arise, a member of the Concierge team will reach out to you immediately.


We will submit the filing to the court on your behalf. 

If we receive your documents at least one hour before One Legal’s deadline as stated in our service directory, your document will be submitted within our usual service standards (same day in most courts, and next day for physical filing in some areas).

Once your document is submitted you’ll receive a notification, as well as subsequent order status updates, via email. Or you can check in the order status section of your One Legal account.

* Please note that you must have a registered One Legal account. 

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