How much does research and retrieval cost?

Understanding the estimated charges for court research and document retrieval

One Legal offers court research and document retrieval nationwide, providing access to hard-to-reach documents in courts across all 50 states. 

When placing an order for court research and document retrieval, the total cost of your order will vary depending on the amount of time it takes to complete your request. Because every court stores and provides access to documents differently, it is impossible to predict exactly how much your order will end up costing.

Court Research—Basic search on persons and/or organizations where your knowledge of case information is unknown
Document Retrieval—Detailed research where you can specify case and/or document details you wish to be retrieved

Possible area surcharges

Providing physical services, such as court filing and document research and retrieval, in certain areas carries higher operating costs. Area surcharges are assessed to more accurately reflect the cost of providing service to these areas. You can review area surcharges for each court in our service directory.

Urgent service

Urgent service is our highest level of service and guarantees our immediate attention. When you choose urgent service, we’ll call you as soon as we receive your order to let you know your options. Given the variation in courts and time needed to fulfill your request, we cannot provide a guaranteed timeline--but know we will do our best to provide as soon as possible.

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