Where do I find my fax cover page?

For some order types, you have the option of faxing your documents to One Legal, rather than uploading them with your order. If you choose this option, the system generates a fax cover page for each document.

To find the fax cover page for a document, log in to your One Legal account and click Orders. To learn about how to find a particular order in the list, click here. 

If you haven’t yet faxed the documents for an order, the status for the order in the Orders list is Action Needed – awaiting fax documents. Click on the order number to view the Order Details page and retrieve the fax cover page.

In the Documents section of the Order Details page, you’ll see two tabs: one for Returned documents and one for Your Files. The link to view a document’s fax cover page is in the Actions column of the Your Files list.

When you click the view fax cover page link, a new browser tab (or window, depending on your browser’s settings) will open with the fax cover page. Use your browser’s print functionality to print the page.

This link will continue to be available on the Order Details page, even after you’ve already faxed a document, in the event you need to re-print the page to fax a new version of the document.

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