What is an area surcharge?

Understanding additional charges for physical filing and serving

One Legal applies an additional area surcharge for service in certain locations that are more remote, more difficult to access, or which have longer than standard wait times.

For court filing area surcharges:

To see if your courthouse requires an area surcharge, go to that county's page in the California court information section of the Support Center. Any area surcharges will be listed under each court location's physical filing listing.

For process serving area surcharges:

To see if the address for your service recipient includes an area surcharge, visit the One Legal Pricing page. Select Service of Process from the left-hand menu, and scroll to the area surcharges section. Enter in the ZIP code of the service recipient to see any applicable area surcharge.

Note that the area surcharges listed are in addition to the base price for the court filing or service of process order.

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