What is the eCopy list?

Notifying non-parties of filings when eFiling

Filers can choose to electronically notify additional people that a document is being filed. This feature is called eCopy, and is an option to add-on when electronically in Orange, San Diego, and San Francisco Counties, and when physically filing in all courts.

The eCopy list is made up of individuals who are to be notified of the eFiling and will receive a link to view the documents, but who are not parties to be served. This list is only visible from within the firm that is eFiling. 

Filers may wish to eCopy the client on whose behalf they are eFiling so that they are notified of the progress of the case. Or one filer may wish to eCopy a colleague who is also working on the case and who may wish to follow up on the eFiling later on.

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